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End of Term 3 Newsletter
– What a Ripper!
Well another term has come to a close with style and pizzazz. The final week came with snap, crackle, fizz and a bang with the sharing of our experiments at Science Fair and afternoon tea. What a sensational way to end a very busy term.
The students have been busy this term investigating and making inquiries about their learning. Some highlights of the term include Choral speaking, public speaking, science experiments, the Olympics, blogging, myths and legends, shadow puppets and numeracy night. Sometimes it is hard to imagine how much we have learnt and changed in such a short period of time.
The eisteddfod also plays an important part in the Term 3 timetable and many students performed in small groups or as an individual with each participant gaining a valuable experience. Of course, the climax of the eisteddfod for Grade 4 was the Grade 4 performances in the Choral Speaking section of which both classes gave the performance of a lifetime. Congratulations to all on a super effort!
Some thoughts before we start Term 4.
· Swimming will again take place and a reminder that a swim shirt is essential this term.
· Please make sure that your child has pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, glue, ruler and diary.
· Our study for the term centres around “A network of friends, a networked community”
We thank parents, grandparents and friends for all their assistance and guidance with their child’s learning journey and look forward to another busy and productive Term 4.
Gail Mitchell and Nicole Dallimore
Year 4 Teachers

Term 3 WEEK 6


Gosh, two weeks have passed by without a word or note - times just seems to past by so quickly.
The last two weeks have been really busy at school with students in Year Four participating in a number of different events.
We had students who were very involved in a number of performances on the Open Night. We had a good representation of athletes competing at a high level at an inter school competition.
All the students have presented a speech, competing for a place in the School Public Speaking Evening, and 12 students from the the classes reached the finals. We had an outstanding
disco last Friday, and everyone had a great time.


This week is Book Week. We are having a Book Fair at school to celebrate this. There will be a Twilight opening for this event Monday 18th August from 5.00 - 7.00 pm.
Science Week celebrations- Yr 11 students from the North Ward Campus will be coming to school on Thursday 21st in the afternoon session. They will work with students in Yr 4,5 and 6
and I am sure that we can look forward to a session of amazing science.


Reading, the students are working on an independent reading contract - with the focus on Myths and Legends from around the world. To support this reading, there are books, copies of stories and stories online. The students are required to read one myth or legend a week and complete one of the activities from the list of 15 choices for each myth. The activities should be completed on A4 size paper. They are also required to fill in a reading log.
Students are encouraged to read more than five myths and legends over this period, but they do not have to do an activity for every story read. They only have to complete 5 activities.
Homestudy - this week is going to be a " breather" week - with only reading and spelling activities to be completed in the week.


We are focusing on the smart, correct wearing of uniforms over the next few weeks. Many student are wearing the uniform incorrectly and they also have many additions, which are not part of the standard dress. Please could you help by checking socks, jewellery, nails, shoes, jumpers and jackets to make sure that all of these are correct and appropriate.

Term 3 WEEK 3

Remember to keep an eye on the new, updated Townsville Grammar website Click here
OPEN DAY at Townsville Grammar at the Junior School is on Thursday from 5:30pm THURSDAY 31st JULY
View the classrooms, listen to children share their learning, view a range of performances, have a bite to eat and enjoy wondering around the beautiful school campus.
It would be great to see you there. Bring along family and friends

A reminder our class timetables are available online Click here

Term 3 WEEK 2


Parent interviews on Monday and Tuesday afternoon.


Sunday 27th is World Tree Planting Day.
This might be a wonderful opportunity for you to talk about sustainability of the environment as this is such a topical and pressing issue at the moment. You may like to discuss some of the information shared on the news or in the newspapers. You may decide to plant a tree in your own garden or join one of the tree planting community projects over the weekend.



Dear Parents and Fantastic Year 4 Students,

Welcome back to school. We hope that you have all had a lovely holiday and that you are ready, excited and enthusiastic about your learning as we start Term 3. Thank you to all of you for your support with the silent auction at the end of last term. There were many bids and we are pleased to announce that we raised $445. This is an amazing amount! We will be sending this money to Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal.

You can pop in and collect your picture at your earliest convenience.


We are happy to announce our Year 4 website. This will be a work in progress and we would appreciate your feedback and comment as the term progresses. You will be able to access the weekly homestudy from this page. The children will still have the option of a paper version. We will also add news and pictures of our learning each week so that you can keep an eye on a "look into our world" at school. Your children will also have a online diary which they can add to at home and at school. They will publish some of their work, outline their learning goals and keep a record of how they are doing, they will include reflections of their learning and add photographs, podcasts and small movies of their work. The advantage of this is that their work can be viewed by their parents from home, while they are at work and you can give them some feedback, which is always encouraging and motivating. This also allows for their grandparents, and other family members to view their work. All work will be published by teachers and the website will have closed editing options. All comments and feedback will have to go through the teacher before being published.

The site will also include additional learning challenges and links as well as learning resources carefully chosen by the teachers. This will cut down on time searching the web and will direct the students to relevant, age appropriate sites which have been previewed by the teachers beforehand.

We feel excited about the possibilities of this learning option for the children in Year 4. The site address is:




All of our study this term will centre around the rich question

"Can we have rights without responsibility?"


This term will be interesting for all budding Scientists as the children involve themselves in a Science Inquiry, looking at the Scientific method, fair testing, variables and Scientific Habits of MInd - (the way they think as a scientists). They will carry out lots of interesting and fascinating experiments, learn scientific terms and present their own investigation in a mini Science Fair.They will also investigate famous scientists, their responsibilities as scientists and apply some of the characteristics identified as they carry out their own investigation.


The Olympic Games will be a topical issue in many households over the next months. Our Inquiry in SOSE will focus on the Olympic Games to address our rich question of rights and responsibilities as a team member, when representing others ( school or country), as a sportsman or woman and as a community member.

With the theme of the Olympics being 'One World , One Dream' - the children will also investigate the history of the Olympics, China, and the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that affect the sense of belonging to a specific group and a range of groups.

Skills to be developed will be questioning skills, note taking and writing down your thoughts in your own words.


The reading programme will incorporate shared, guided and individual reading. The children will also work on specific reading relating to myths and legends. This will link in with the Olympics and the different countries involved in this event.

The writing focus will be a revision of procedural text to support writing up a the steps in a scientific investigation and narratives, as the students work in pairs and write their own original Australian myth.

In maths, we will continue to develop and work on knowledge, strategies and problem solving- using the Ground Works programme. This will be supported with revision and speed and accuracy of basic facts knowledge, and maths maintenance.

This term, the Year 4,5,and 6 students will participate in a Speech Festival. The children had some practice last term with their outstanding presentations on the Australian Environment- so we are looking forward to even greater presentations this term.

We are all going to be the best that we can be, take pride in everything that we do and reach for the heights!

As we strive to be a caring, kind, responsible and respectful Year 4 community, we look forward to another great term.

Year 4 teachers

Nicole Dallimore and Gail Mitchell